Maintain a Professional Workspace with Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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In your offices and lounges, carpets take a beating from daily staff traffic and inevitable spills. Gum and stains can quickly make carpets appear unkempt and diminish your business’ professional image. Don’t let your carpets undermine your brand – trust the cleaning experts to keep them looking sharp. Read on for professional carpet and gum care tips.

Lay the Groundwork with Preventative Care

Implementing proactive measures reduces the need for frequent full cleanings:

  • Use entrance mats to trap external dirt before it’s ground in. Shake them out daily.
  • Enforce a strict no gum policy. Provide visible trash bins.
  • Educate staff to immediately report spills for swift blotting.
  • Periodically move furnishings to distribute wear evenly.
  • Vacuum high traffic zones like entrances, receptions and hallways daily.
  • Professionally clean carpets every 6-12 months to prevent dirt buildup.

The Perplexing Problem of Gum

Chewed gum trodden into carpet fibers seems impossible to remove without making matters worse. Attempted scraping usually just smears and spreads the gum mess.

Commercial Gum Removal Solutions

Thankfully, commercial cleaners have specialized techniques to successfully tackle gum:

  • Freezing sprays harden gum so it chips cleanly off fibers.
  • Heated water softens gum’s adhesive qualities for easier removal.
  • Citrus oils dissolve sticky residues so gum wipes away without smearing.
  • Repeated blotting with stain remover gently lifts staining from fibers.
  • Enzyme cleaners “eat” away gum’s sticky grip on carpet piles.

Trust the Power of Steam Cleaning

When it comes to deep cleaning and revitalizing carpets, hot water extraction steam cleaning is unrivaled. This thorough process:

  • Blasts 210°F cleaning solution deep into carpets to dislodge years of ground-in dirt.
  • Extracts loosened soil along with used water leaving carpets truly clean.
  • Sanitizes carpets using high heat to eradicate bacteria.
  • Flushes out ancient spills and stains from carpet bases.
  • Refreshes matted fibers restoring a uniform, plush pile.

Choose Commercial Grade Professional Services

Don’t settle for unprofessional dingy carpets – our certified technicians have the expertise, commercial-grade equipment and solutions to keep your office looking sharp. Trust the pros to maintain your ideal work environment aesthetic. Contact us today to schedule professional carpet cleaning services!

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